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Healthy Glowing Skin Within Reach

Results that you can see 

Small Privately owned Clinic. We are not a franchise!

20% price match guarantee

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Our Clinic 

At Botany Skin Clinic we believe in all kinds of beauty. We are above and beyond industry standards– passionate about delivering safe and effective treatments at affordable packages.

We believe that the highest quality cosmetic treatments should be accessible and affordable to everyone

We specialise in medical skin treatments, laser hair removal, and cosmetic injectables, delivered with the belief that everyone should have confidence walking out of the house wearing nothing but their skin.

On-site Doctor registered with 
Medical Council of New Zealand 2021 

On-site Corneal and Oculoplastic Surgeon

Onsite Nurse Registered with the Nursing Council of New Zealand 2021

What I Specialize In

acne treatments _botanyskinclinic.jpg

Skin cosmetic procedures


Skin Injectables

skin assessment _botanyskinclinic.jpg

skin medical assesments


Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Injectables

Skin Medical 

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